Star Wars at Trebor's Door

The Seven Lost Lightsabers

About 30 years after the Battle of Yavin...

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is sitting in his office on Coruscant reading a report. The report details some of the ongoing recovery efforts and the possible Jedi role in them. With just about two years since it ended, the Galactic Alliance was still recovering from the war with the Yuuzhan Vong.

Luke's comlink buzzed and he answers it with a sigh. As leader of the Jedi Order, Luke had to deal with more administrative and political than we would have liked but that was something he knew was necessary.

"Skywalker here."

"Master Skywalker, there is someone here at the Jedi Council chambers who would like to speak to you."

"Who is it, Kaem?" Luke asks.

"He says he is the Collector and that he has something important to show the Master of the Jedi Order."

Luke closes his eyes and reaches out with the Force. He senses the young Jedi apprentice Kaem and near her two emanations of the Force. One Luke senses is an older human with a faint presence in the Force. The other is what seems to be multiple small objects grouped close together and creating almost one strong point in the Force. Luke doesn't sense any danger from either the man or the objects.

"Kaem, send him to my office, please. Him and the box he is carrying."

A moment later the door to Luke's office opens and an elderly man enters carrying a plain box that easily fit into his arms. He walks into the office and before Luke can come around his desk to meet him, the old man sits on the floor, crosses his legs and places the box to his side.

"Master Skywalker, I am the Collector. And before I show you what I have collected, I need to tell you a story."

Luke pauses for a breath and then matches the Collector's pose on the floor in front of him.

"Collector, I would like to hear your story and see what you collected. You have my complete attention."

"I am 78 standard years old. I was taken to the Jedi Order as an infant and was trained as a youngling. Unfortunately, I didn't show a strong affinity for using the Force. At age 14, as was custom, when I wasn't chosen as a Padawan, I was sent to the Agricultural Corps where my limited Force talents were directed to tending the crops.

"I found when working with plants and animals, I did have a connection to living things through the Force. I felt the deaths of the animals and even some of the plants. When I was about 30 years old, I was overcome with a terrible feeling. The feeling through the Force was the clearest I ever had. Jedi were dying, hundreds within moments of each other.

"I feared something terrible was attacking the Jedi Order. I was alone and immediately took a transport. I left the gardens I was working in and immediately set out for somewhere far away. I felt it when the Agricultural Corps living center was destroyed. I went to the Outer Rim and worked as a gardener for wealthy people on various planets.

"Later, I used the credits I made to slowly move closer to Coruscant. I worked at various jobs, including various junk dealers in the lower levels. Eventually I was working for a high-end antiquities dealer that served the upper levels.

"That was where I was when the Empire fell. In the ensuing chaos, my boss disappeared and I took over the business. As a former lower level dweller, I was left alone by the mobs when they looted the store.

"A couple of weeks after the Emperor died, a quiet individual came into my store. I had cleaned up and had been doing decent business in buying and selling items that people had looted. I dealt in artifacts of the Empire and refused to buy items that seemed to be the result of violence. I didn't realize it then, but I was getting impressions from the items brought to me.

"One day, a human came into my store. I immediately felt a strong emanation in the Force coming from the box she was carrying. When she opened it and I looked inside I saw it was a lightsaber. I immediately purchased it.

"That evening I sat with the lightsaber and focused my thoughts on it. When I touched it, I could see its past. I had uncovered an ability in psychometry. I could 'read' the psychic imprint left on the lightsaber.

"I sold everything else in my shop as quickly as possible. I took the credits and began my quest. I became the Collector and dedicated my life to collecting the historic lightsabers in order to read them and learn more about the old Jedi Order.

"That first lightsaber had been taken from Palpatine's office during looting. It had changed hands a few times when it was sold to me.

"I purchased the next three lightsabers together from a mid-level weapons dealer on Coruscant. He had purchased them from a former Palpatine aide who escaped in the chaos following the Empire's fall.

"Next, I obtained a lightsaber on Muunilinst. I purchased it from a former Muun aide to San Hill. San Hill was the Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan during the Clone Wars. He disappeared and was presumed dead near the end of the War. The lightsaber was taken from his office by an aide and held onto until I purchased it.

"While on the planet Castell, I obtained my next lightsaber. I bought it from a former aide to Shu Mai. Mai was the Commerce Guild Presidente during the Clone Wars. When she was killed at the end of the Clone Wars, her successor took Mai's position and funds. Eventually, her successor purchased the lightsaber from a Felucian scavenger who had found it in the wilds of Felucia. The saber changed hands until it go to Catell and then to me.

"Those six lightsabers took me years to acquire. Just last year, I made my way to Coruscant. I was down in the lower levels, visiting some old friends. Evidently my past as a junk dealer and my new persona as 'The Collector' brought a young woman to me. She told me her story---and the story of her lightsaber.

"She was the granddaughter of a staff member of Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. Her grandfather had obtained the lightsaber from a Senate maintenance worker who found it when cleaning up after some kind of accident in the Senate chamber. Instead of turning it over to the Clone troopers, he gave it to Organa's aide who evidently kept it hidden from any Imperial representatives. It was passed down in the family until the young woman heard of my quest and sold the lightsaber to me.

"Master Skywalker, I would like to present these artifacts of the old Jedi Order. And if you would like me to, I can teach you psychometry so you can read the lightsabers and learn more about how the Jedi Order ended."

Luke pauses for a moment and opens himself to the Force. He opens his eyes and nods.

"Master Collector, I am your student. Please show me the stories of these seven lost lightsabers."

"The imprints on these lightsabers are of the last moments of their wielders. As you psionically read them, you will see the events imprinted on the sabers. The images and emotions are not pleasant but will give you knowledge and insight into the past.

"The first read is of these three sabers. They were found together and provide a collective impression of the same event. The lightsabers belonged to Nautolan named Kit Fisto, a Iktotchi named Saesee Tiin, and a Zabrak named Agen Kolar. The fourth Jedi Master, with a purple lightsaber, was Mace Windu.

"Master Skywalker, focus your attention in the Force on these three lightsabers. Envelope them in the Force and gently pull at their presence in the Force. The imprint is in the Force and linked to the object. Let the Force flow from the sabers to you. You have been given visions by the Force in the past. Remember the feeling and use it to absorb the vision from the sabers."

Luke closes his eyes and places his hands on the lightsabers. A vision begins...

Luke sees four Jedi in brown robes with lightsabers ignited. The two blue and one green blade seem brighter than the purple blade. Luke knows that the three lightsabers he is holding are those three.

He hears the human Jedi say, "You're under arrest, Chancellor."

Palpatine says, "Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

"The Senate will decide your fate," Windu replies.

In a more evil voice, Palpatine growls, "I AM the Senate,"

"Not yet."

Palpatine stands up and a gold-handled lightsaber slides into his hand from his sleeve.

Palpatine says, "It's treason then..." and ignites his red lightsaber, raises it up, and Force leaps at the four Jedi in a blur that Luke can barely follow. With incredible speed, Palpatine stabs Agen Kolar then slices the chest of Saesee Tiin. Kit Fisto and Mace Windu swing their sabers at Palpatine, which he easily blocks. Windu backs away as Palpatine slices across Fisto's chest.

The scene fades out as Luke vision returns to the present and he sees the Collector staring at him with saddened eyes.

"Yes, I believe that was the moment Emperor Palpatine revealed himself as a Sith Lord." The Collector gives Luke a few moments to digest what he saw. When Luke looks up and nods, the Collector holds out the next lightsaber.

"This next one was Mace Windu's saber." Luke places his hand on it and opens himself to the Force again. Closing his eyes, Luke sees the vision much quicker...

Luke sees the same scene he just witnessed but with Mace Windu's image and voice stronger. After he sees Kit Fisto's death from Mace Windu's perspective, he watches as Palpatine pursues Windu down a hallway. The Jedi Master and Sith Lord exchange parries. Palpatine, full with the Force, jumps around as Windu blocks the attacks.

The two master swordsmen end up at the outside of a viewing room, near a glass window running from floor to ceiling. As Palpatine blocks an attack by Windu, the glass shatters and falls down onto Coruscant.

Windu then kicks Palpatine in the chest and he drops his lightsaber. Palpatine falls to the floor and cowers in a corner. Windu points his purple blade at Palpatine.

Windu says, "You are under arrest, my lord."

Anakin Skywalker enters the room and approaches Windu and Palpatine.

From the floor, Palpatine says to Anakin in a weak voice, "Anakin, I told you it would come to this. I was right. The Jedi are taking over."

"The oppression of the Sith will never return. You have lost." Mace tells Palpatine.

Palpatine's eyes narrow and he spits out to Windu, "No, no, no. You will die," as Force lighting flies from his fingertips. Windu is able to catch the lightning on his lightsaber.

Palpatine yells at Anakin, "He's a traitor."

As Mace groans with the strain of trying to contain the lighting he screams at Anakin, "He is the traitor."

Palpatine moans to Anakin, "I have the power to save the one you love." You must choose."

Luke can see the turmoil on his father's face.

Windu shouts, "Don't listen to him, Anakin."

Palpatine's voice sounds weaker as he pleads to Anakin, "Don't let him kill me. I can't hold it any longer. I-I-I-I can't. I-I-I'm weak. I'm-I'm too weak, Anakin. Help me. Help me. I-I-I can't hold on any longer."

Palpatine stops the Force lightning and falls back against the wall. His face is scarred and he seems weakened.

"I am going to end this once and for all," Windu says as he points his saber at Palpatine again.

Anakin tells Windu, "You can't."

Mace glances at Anakin in question.

Anakin says, "He must stand trial."

"He has control of the Senate and the courts. He's too dangerous to be left alive," Windu replies.

Palpatine continues to plead from the floor, "I'm too weak. Oh. Don't kill me. Please."

"It's not the Jedi way. He must live," Anakin says.

"Please don't..." Palpatine continues his begging.

"I need him!"

Windu swings his lightsaber back and starts to bring it down to strike Palpatine.

Palpatine tries another plea, "Please don't!"

Anakin screams, "NO!" and swings his own lightsaber up and cuts Windu's arm off. Windu screams as his saber drops out the window.

As the saber drops, Luke hears a strong Palpatine voice yelling, "POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!" Then Windu's body, infused with lighting, drops away from his lightsaber and to the darkness of the night.

Luke returns to the present as the vision fades. He looks again into the Collector's eyes and knows more of why the sadness is there.

Luke is a little more shaken up. While he saw a moment when his father choose the dark side, he also learned that Anakin might have turned to the dark side to "save someone" he loved. Perhaps Luke's mother. He also saw first-hand some more of the deviousness and evil of Palpatine.

It takes a little longer for Luke to be ready for the next lightsaber.

The Collector reassures Luke, "I know that those were difficult to see. The next few are less personal to you. This one is from a Cerean named Ki-Adi-Mundi. He was on Mygeeto during the Clone Wars."

Luke attunes to the Force once again...

Luke sees and battle on a raised walkway in Mygeeto, the banking planet. He sees a Cerean Jedi block blaster fire as he leads a group of Clone troopers. The Jedi continues forward with his lightsaber raised and calls to the Clones following him, "Come on!"

The Clones follow for a moment, the stop a ways back. They cock their weapons and raise them towards the Jedi. Mundi turns back to the Clones and they all fire. The Jedi uses his saber to block the first volley but there are too many shots and he falls to the ground.

The scene fades away.

While not having the same impact as seeing his father strike down a fellow Jedi, seeing the Clones betray and attack their former leader does shake Luke up.

"The Clones just turned on the Jedi? Just from a command from Palpatine." Luke takes a deep breath and motions to the Collector that he is ready for the next one.

"This lightsaber is from Felucia and belonged to a Twi'lek Jedi named Aayla Secura."

Luke uses psychometry again to read the saber...

Luke recognizes the plant life of Felucia. He sees a Twi'lek Jedi walking through the large flowers and other plants. She is leading Clones and has her hand on her the lightsaber at her belt. The Clones stop following and surround her. Before she can even grab her saber from her belt the Clones fire their weapons at her. She falls to the ground and the Clones surround her and continue to blast her as she writhes on the ground.

The vision darkens.

Luke looks down as he absorbs another betrayal by the Clones.

"The last of the seven lost lightsabers is from a Jedi Master I believe you knew well. It belonged to Master Yoda."

Luke places his hand on the small lightsaber and again opens himself to the vision from the Force...

Luke sees Yoda standing in front of Palpatine in a Senate office. He ignites his green lightsaber.

Palpatine says, "You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us." Palpatine ignites his red lightsaber.

Yoda tells him, "Faith in your new apprentice misplaced may be. As is your faith in the dark side of the Force."

Palpatine swings at Yoda and the two Masters of the Force duel furiously. Luke can barely follow their movements as the podium they are dueling on rises to the ceiling. They emerge into the full Senate chamber, filled with empty pods.

Yoda manages to leap down to a pod. Instead of following, Palpatine begins to Force throw pods at Yoda. With his lighsaber ignited, he leaps from pod to pod, trying to get up to Palpatine.

Finally, Yoda puts his saber away and uses the Force to stop a pod. He then begins to spin it and flings it back up at Palpatine. As he jumps away and down, Palpatine lands on a pod above Yoda. After a Force leap brings him up to the same pod, Yoda ignites his saber again.

Palpatine fires Force lightning at Yoda, knocking away his lightsaber. Yoda blocks the lightning with his hands, trying to block it back at Palpatine. The energy between them grows too strong and they fly apart. Yoda falls, loses his robe, and lands a bit away from his lightsaber.

Luke sees Yoda crawling away and the vision fades away.

Luke looks up at the Collector. The Jedi Master takes a deep breath and looks at the old man sitting opposite.

"Master Collector, thank you for bringing me these seven lost lightsabers. See the visions from them is important to me and to the new Jedi Order. I also thank you for teaching me psychometry and I hope you will remain with the Order as a special instructor to everyone---Padawans, Knights, and Masters."

The Collector looks confused at Luke. "What could I teach Jedi's, especially Masters?"

Luke smiles at him and says, "You have taught me a new skill and have taught me some history of the Jedi Order and the Republic itself. You have much to teach all of us."

Now the Collector smiles back at Luke. "I will stay and teach. And perhaps I can plant a garden in the new Jedi Temple. Thank you."

"May the Force be with you, Master Collector."

"And to you, Master Skywalker."